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About Stargroup Agency

The Largest Agency in AIA Financial Indonesia

You Can Rewrite The Stars

Stargroup Agency is a team of like-minded entrepreneurs. Our goal is to pursue personal, career, & financial growth while protecting the lives of the people around us. Powered by AIA Financial, we now have branches located nationwide around Indonesia, thanks to our ever-growing numbers.

Do you have a goal in life, but are not quite sure where to start? Whether it is to start your own business, to own your dream house, or to simply live a comfortable life – we have all been there.

So what do we actually need to thrive? To us there’s only two requirements:

  • The desire to always learn
  • The drive to always fight

With the help of our experienced leaders, you will be provided the support and resources you need to kickstart your journey and path your own way to reach that goal.

SGA Vision
To become a big, strong and trusted agency in Indonesia.

SGA Mission
To build a sustainable business by focusing on improving the standards of living for clients and every SGA member.

So, Why Stargroup Agency?

At Stargroup Agency, we are not only a team of insurance agents, but more so a family. As such, we make sure we have each other's backs through success and failures by sticking to our values.


We value honesty and overcome problems as a team - nobody gets left behind!


We believe success can be achieved with the right mindset no matter the challenges.


We have confidence in our team, and in achieving our individual goals. Our failures do not wreck our faith.


We believe in treating one another with respect, no matter the rank, social status, beliefs, or gender.


We are determined to get stronger every day, and that starts with being able to rely on one another.